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Randek Tile Roofing

The tile profile is ideal for gable roofs of dwelling houses, hotels and any commercial building...

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Randek Wall Cladding

RANDEK wall cladding are available in three profiles in Non-colour and Colourbonded steel...

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Randek Rainwater Goods

Ranki Engineering specializes in providing rain water management....

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Randek Purlin

“RANDEK” steel Purlins are manufactures to provide light weight and economical roof and wall cladding support systems.....

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Welcome to Ranki Engineering - Cost effective total roofing solutions

Ranki Engineering (Pvt) Ltd., was incorporated on 23rd September 1997 and re-registered under the Companies Act No.07 of 2007. Under the dedicated and strategic guidance of its Chairman / Managing Director Mr. Ranil Pieris, the Company blossomed forth as a reputed organization engaged in the profiling and supply of superior quality roofing, related accessories and cladding in premium quality zinc-aluminum under the brand name 'RANDEK'. The Company also manufactures and supplies a variety of purlin (‘C’ and ‘Z’ sections) in Black iron and Galvanized steel to both the domestic and export markets.

The Company provides customized total roofing and cladding solutions in colour coated (pre-painted) and non-colour zinc-Aluminum to the industrial/ commercial sectors as well as to the house builders in Sri Lanka and overseas. + More

Latest Projects

What is Zinc-Aluminium
Alloy Coated Steel

Zinc -Aluminium material coating comprises of Aluminum - 55%, Zinc - 43.4%, Silicon - 1.6%

Since Aluminium is known to possess excellent anti-corrosive properties, it provides a protective barrier against corrosion under normal weather conditions.

Atmospheric exposure tests have confirmed that the corrosion resistance feature of Zinc-Aluminium alloy coated steel is far superior to an ordinary zinc coating,  + Read More

Benefites of using 
Zinc-Aluminium / Colourbonded Steel

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Yield advantage cut edge protection
  • Easy maintenance
  • Heat resistance
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Compatibility with other materials, except Lead
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Applications of
Zinc-Aluminium / Colourbonded Steel

Due to comparatively better formability to conventional galvanized products, Zinc-Aluminum steel is suitable for diverse applications such as :

  • Industrial / domestic roofing and cladding
  • Doors, window frames
  • Factories, warehouses
  • Gutters, downpipes
  • Garages, fencing, cabins
  • Ceilings and interiors
  • Flashing, valance boards etc